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Daniel Herron
The Balloon Guy

2101 S. Green St.
Henderson, KY 42420

Phone: 270-827-2011
Fax: 270-827-9586

Also known as: Daniel "The Balloon Guy" Herron

Credentials: Top Twister - Twist & Shout 2010

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Twitter: Dan_balloonguy
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The Balloon Guy

Daniel Herron has been creating balloon art and twisting at fairs, festivals and events for more than a decade. His craft has taken him from coast to coast, and it has landed him on television in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee on multiple occasions. He has fun taking a six-foot-long tube of air and turning it into something totally unexpected! He loves to entertain as well as create, and audiences love to watch him in action!
The magic bug bit Daniel at the age of ten; a contractor working on an addition to his parents'
home would show him some tricks. Each day at lunch there would be a new trick, and eventually,
the workman began teaching the tricks to the intrigued young Daniel. Daniel now works with the
family business and as a minister at a church, but his love of magic infiltrates both of these jobs in addition to being a sought-after performer.
It was his love of magic that brought him together with another magician who taught him the art of multiple balloon sculptures. Over the past twelve years, the student has surpassed the teacher and he has taken his art of ballooning to a new level. He boasts of over 300 different figures; everything from cartoon characters and hats to scale models of larger features - even Elvis!
His balloons command attention wherever he goes.
Daniel is currently featured each month on a local news station with his "Magic of the Month" segment where he amazes the audience with his magic and balloon creations!
2010: Twist & Shout in Chicago - Top Twister Award
2010: Twist and Shout in Chicago 1st Place Small Figure Contest
2006: Daniel placed 3rd in the contest at Twist & Shout in St. Louis, Missouri.
2003: Daniel placed 1st in the contest at TJAM in Austin, Texas.
2002: Daniel received 3rd place at the Kentucky Clown Derby for 'Best Balloon Sculpture'.
2001: Daniel placed 2nd in the 'Fancy Figure' contest at the TJAM convention.
* Held informal workshops at various magic conventions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Cumberland
Falls, Kentucky; Columbus, Ohio; and Kansas City, Missouri.
* Lectured and created a 12-foot long replica of the Chattanooga Choo-Choo at the Southeastern
Association of Magicians (SEAM) convention in September, 2003.
* Created a 6' diameter globe for Rotary's 15th International Festival in Athens, TN.
* Presented four 'Special Interest Group' workshops for the International Brotherhood of Magicians'
annual convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July, 2004. This included making a full-size motorcycle and an eight-foot tall juke box!
In 2003, Tom Vorjohan and Daniel Herron completed production of two instructional videos. "Learn to Twist" is made for the beginner; "Above & Beyond" is a three-hour marathon session for more advanced twisters to learn more than three dozen balloon figures and original creations. In June '04, Daniel & Tom's original penguin creation was featured in Balloon Magic - The Magazine.

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